Kimmell Park Project Back on Track

Posted on June 15th, 2017

Vincennes University’s Kimmell Park project is back on track!

University officials had once hoped to have the park done and open by Memorial Day weekend, so those celebrating the holiday could enjoy the revamped space. But, after much rain in May, and the Wabash River rising into a large portion of the park, there was only so much work that could be done. When river levels were high, crews were able to stay on site and work on the project, but they were limited to only a few aspects of the project. The Wabash River has since dropped below action stage, Thursday morning rain was the first of its kind in weeks, and it has been full steam ahead at Kimmell Park.

Through a lot of quick work, the project is back on track. Light pole installation, which was impossible while the park was underwater, is currently underway, and work will soon begin on the park entrances.

Kimmell Park is expected to open near the beginning of July.

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