Scaled Back Cigarette Tax Still Means More Per Pack

Posted on March 20th, 2017

A scaled-back cigarette tax hike may make it more likely you’ll be paying more per pack.

The Senate has taken a dim view of the House-passed proposal to raise the tax a dollar a pack. But State Senator Eric Bassler of Washington says a 60-cent increase may be “more palatable.

Speaking on WVUT’s Meet Your Legislators Program Saturday, Bassler says the 60-cent rate hike would be in line with what adjoining state’s to Indiana are charging with the exception of Kentucky.

State Senator Mark Messmer of Jasper added many border counties have expressed concern over the potential loss of sales revenue to neighboring states should Indiana implement a dollar tax hike.

Lawmakers in the House had recommended the cigarette tax as part of a road funding package to maintain roads and bridges.

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