Parks Dept. Taking Lester Square Project Online

Posted on April 20th, 2017

The Vincennes Parks Department is partnering with a local businessman to launch an online website to raise money for the purchase of fitness equipment for Lester Square Park.

Parks Superintendent Steve Beaman says Richard  Grav who owns Host Crew, a telecommunications carrier has gotten behind the effort and designed a website that individuals and businesses can click on to make a donation.

Beaman says Grav has already doanted 500 dollars towards the purchase of the equipment. The parks department has also received a $15,000 grant from Toyota Indiana and another $500 from Far Best Foods.

Beaman says the projected cost for the equipment and installation is estimated around $42,000. He says they are looking to purchase 8-to-10 pieces of fitness equipment with the goal of having it installed sometime this summer.

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