VU Tuition Public Hearing Held

Posted on May 19th, 2017


Vincennes University officials held a public hearing Friday afternoon on its proposed tuition rate hike. The University is proposing a 2.9 percent rate hike. The tuition increase will cover a proposed 2-point-5 percent merit raise for VU employees and other operating expenses such as health insurance and utilities.

VU President Chuck Johnson says the increase is very modest, but at the same keeps the University’s tuition affordable, especially for those students attending school on Pell Grants. According to Johnson, the 2.9 percent increase amounts to an additional 16-dollars in tuition costs per month for VU students over the next two years. The increase¬†will also allow VU to continue to invest in technology that provides students with the skills they need to compete for jobs in the workforce.

The annual increase in tuition amounts to 162-dollars for the upcoming school year and 166-dollars for the 2018-19 school year.


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