City Submits $1.6M Grant Application

Posted on July 14th, 2017

Vincennes City Engineer John Sprague expects there will be plenty of competition for state dollars to pave local roads and streets this year.

Sprague submitted the City’s application this week for a Community Crossings Grant totaling 1-point-6 million dollars. In order to obtain the grant,

Vincennes must provide a local match of 50% or about $800,000.

Sprauge says smaller communities will have an advantage over cities like Vincennes because their local match is only 25% He says they are seeking funding to do several side streets in Vincennes which are in need of re-paving. The largest of those projects is Shelby Street from 2nd to 15th Streets. The plan also calls for new street curbing as well.

INDOT is expected to annouce grant awards by the end of August.

Sprague says they plan on advertising for bids for the street work ahead of the grant announcement in hopes of getting some street paving done yet this fall.

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