Holcomb Lays Out 20 Year Road Plan

Posted on July 14th, 2017

Governor Eric Holcomb Thursday laid out the first steps of a 20-year plan to improve the state’s roads and bridges. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s reports the initial five-year strategy will include a complete resurface of 10 thousand miles of roadway across the state..

Holcomb says the initiative incorporates nearly five billion dollars in investments over the next five years.

Lawmakers passed a road funding bill this year to help pay for state and local-level projects. Money will be generated in several ways, including a 10-cent gas and diesel tax increase and a new 15 dollar registration fee for all vehicles.

Holcomb says the funding model is sustainable, and makes the ambitious initiative possible.

“We’re also giving more resources to the locals, so that they too can determine what their destiny of their neighborhood, their community, their county will be.”

Holcomb is touring the state to tout his five-year strategy and highlight the plan’s impact on each part of Indiana.

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