Skelton’s Home Designated State Landmark

Posted on July 17th, 2017

The Birthplace of America’s favorite clown is now on the Indiana Historical Bureau’s register of State Historic Landmarks.

The long overdue recognition took place Friday as a marker was unveiled in front of Red Skelton’s home at 111 Lyndale Avenue in Vincennes.

Chandler Lighty, Director of the I-H-B says of the 600 markers that have been placed throughout the state, there are few dedicated to popular culture or entertainers.

He says Red Skelton is one of those “icons” deserving of such recognition.

On hand for the celebration was Red’s widow Lothian Skelton who was in town for the annual Red Skelton Festival.

Tony Cardinal Junior whose family owned Red’s birth home presented Mark Hill and members of the Red Skelton Foundation with the deed to the property.

The foundation also provided financing for the placement of the Historical Marker.

A newly planted tree is also setting in the front yard. Ann Pratt, Director of the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy says the tree was planted in memory of the late C. James McCormick who was an active member of the Red Skelton Foundation and assisted in efforts to get the museum and auditorium built on the Vincennes University campus.

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