VU Officials Plan To Dedicate Updike Hall Next Week

Posted on August 10th, 2017

Vincennes University will be offering tours of Updike Hall following a ribbon cutting ceremony next Wednesday at 11:30 am. The new state of the art facility will house VU’s Science, Engineering, and Mathematic programs. VU President Chuck Johnson calls it a fantastic facility for students. Updike Hall is named for V-U alumnus and Indianapolis business man William Updike and his family who donated 2-million dollars towards its construction. Public tours of Updike Hall which is located on Chestnut Street will follow the University’s opening meeting next Wednesday. Members of the VU Board of Trustees are also expected to be on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony prior to the tours. Updike Hall replaces the former McCormick Science Center which has been demolished and turned into green space.

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