Trailblazer 5-K Run Is This Saturday

Posted on August 10th, 2017

The annual Trailblazer 5-K run will be held this Saturday, August 12th at the VU Track & Field Complex. Celebrating it’s 8th year, the 5-K run has a couple of new awards for runners including a Masters medal for the top male and female runner over 50. While there are age categories for the 5k, Generations spokeswomanAlma Kramer says you don’t have to be a proficient runner to participate. Participants are also welcome to walk the event if they would prefer not to run. Following the 5-K run will be a free half mile Fun Run for kids. Registration is $35 and can be completed online at or by contacting Alma Kramer at 812-888-4527. All proceeds from the run will benefit Generations, a program at Vincennes University that focuses on aging and disability.

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