Work on 6th & Main Lot Could Start Next Week

Posted on September 22nd, 2017

Vincennes City Engineer John Sprauge gave an update on the 6th & Main Street parking lot project at Thursday morning’s Redevelopment Commission Meeting.

Sprague said he had been in contact with Kerns Excavating out of Bicknell, who will be doing work on the project. He said that they will be using a concrete material for the lot, which will cost a bit more for the project, but will likely benefit the city in the long run. Sprague also told members of the RDC that he had been in contact with a pair of local fabricators to discuss the specifics of the canopies that will line the sidewalks near the parking lot.

At this time, the plan is for a canopy to stretch from the corner of 6th and Main to an alleyway off of 6th, and for a partial canopy to be built along Main Street.

Sprague expects the 60 day construction window for Kerns to being as early as the end of next week. Work will begin shortly after.

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