Pair of City Projects Nearing Completion

Posted on September 22nd, 2017

Levee Superintended Hunter Pinnell gave an update on a pair of projects that are ongoing in Vincennes at Thursday morning’s Redevelopment Commission meeting.

Work being done on the south lawn of the Memorial grounds is expected to wrap up soon. The final phase of the project will see trees planted around the area. That work is expected to be done within the new few weeks.

Pinnell also gave an update on the Levee Street project. He says work is expected to be done within the next month. A few cracks have been noticed in portions of Levee Street, but Pinnell assured members of the RDC that those cracks will be fixed.

The subject of adding multiple access points to Levee Street in the future was brought up at the meeting. Pinnell noted that an obstacle in adding more access points would be that the grade along the road can’t exceed 10%. Because of the height of Levee Street, that could be an issue. Pinnell told members of the RDC┬áthat the idea had been discussed, but nothing concrete has been determined.

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