County Council Passes Pantheon Resolution

Posted on October 11th, 2017

The proposed Pantheon Business Theatre took center stage last night at the Knox County Council meeting.

Executive Director of the Southern Indiana Development Corporation Greg Jones opened the discussion with a few words about the opportunities that Vincennes and Knox County have by hosting such a project as the business incubator. He mentioned that the SIDC’s Southwest Indiana Technology Center Hubs, or, S.W.I.T.C.H. network is trying to set up multiple centers around the region similar to the Pantheon project but with an emphasis on different areas.

Don Villwock also spoke in favor of the Pantheon project, pointing out that, because the younger generation has a completely different mindset and work-balance than their parents, it takes something special to attract millennial to the work place nowadays. Villwock also said that while funding the project might be a challenge, it also is a tremendous opportunity for the community.

While a handful of others also spoke to the council, only one was not pleased with the proposed project. Judy Kratzner, who spoke during the public comment portion, said that while she supported the idea of encouraging entrepreneurs to work in the downtown area, she disagrees with the redesign of the Pantheon building.

A resolution in support of the Pantheon project passed 7-0.

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