Vincennes Receives Grant for Facade Improvement

Posted on October 12th, 2017

The City of Vincennes has been awarded $500,000 for façade improvements for nine properties on Main Street along 1st Street and 11th Street.

The project will address building concerns and make Downtown Vincennes a more inviting place to live, work and shop.

This is the second time the city had taken a swing at getting the grant, with the first being unsuccessful. After the original application came without any funding, state officials told the city they would like more information from local business owners about how the money would improve their buildings.

Local business owners provided that information, and it paid off. The local match for the grant was $138,000. The nine businesses who will split the funding put up $101,000 to obtain the half-million dollar grant. Other matching amounts include $24,000 from the city and $12,800 dollars from INVIN.

Below is a full list of the properties who will receive a portion of the grant dollars:

120 Main- Street-Insight of the Wabash

221-Main- Moore & Miller

330-Main- Bauer Jewlers

410 -Main- Farm & Sport

414 Main- Vincennes Occular Center

418 Main-Worker Building

510-Main-Christian Science Reading Room

521-Main-Art & Space

921 Main- Wabash Plumbing

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