Date Set for Firefighters Referendum

Posted on November 14th, 2017

A date has been set for the next step in the establishment of a firefighters merit commission.

At their meeting Monday night, the Vincennes Board of Works set a date of December 22nd for local firefighters to vote for or against the establishment of the board. That vote will take place at a meeting set for 10 am.

All firefighters present at the meeting will cast a yay or nay vote for the board that would see a panel of five commissioners, two appointed by the mayor, one appointed by the city council and two active firefighters, take over the decision making process when it comes to hirings, firings and promotions within the department.

According to city attorney Dave Roellgen, only firefighters present at the meeting may vote. No absentee or early voting will be allowed.

Members of both the Firefighters Union and Board of Works were in agreement that regardless of the outcome of the vote, the Firefighters will continue to work as a unit for the safety of the city.

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