VU Seeing Slip in Enrollment

Posted on December 7th, 2017

Vincennes University is expecting another dip in enrollment as we move closer to the Spring semester.

Heidi Whitehead, Director of Admissions at VU, told members of the Board of Trustees Tuesday that the Vincennes University main campus is seeing a downturn of over 580 students. Most of that has been attributed to students taking fewer classes, reclassifying them as part-time students, instead of full-time.

There are currently 2,387 students enrolled at the Main Campus for the Spring, which is lower than this time last year, although there has been an increase in a number of students reapplying to the University, that have taken at least one semester off.

On a positive note, business and industry and early college are both showing steady growth for the University. President Chuck Johnson noted that the University is also seeing an increase in the number of female students on campus, which is helping to provide a more balanced campus.

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