First Candidates File for 2018 Elections

Posted on January 11th, 2018

The election landscape in Knox County is beginning to take shape.

Wednesday marked the first official day interested parties could file for their spot in the upcoming primary elections, and a number of current office holders did just that. Knox County Commission President Kellie Streeter filed for re-election of her seat over District three. She was joined by County Council members Randy Crismore and Jim Beery, who will both seek re-election over districts one and four respectively. Cathy Lane will seek re-election as County Assessor, Lisa Clark-Benock will once again run for County Recorder, and Terri Allen will once again run for County Clerk. Current Knox County Prosecutor Dirk Carnahan has also announced his intentions to run for re-election.

Those interested in running for county office have until Noon on Friday, February 9th to file.

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