City First to Agree to Interlocal Agreement

Posted on February 13th, 2018

The City of Vincennes is the first of three county entities to officially sign on to an interlocal agreement that will impact the future of the Pantheon Theater.

The agreement, which was agreed to unanimously at the City Council’s meeting last night, would see Vincennes and Knox County have joint ownership of the property at 5th and Main, and each contribute members to a board to oversee that property. That board would consist of five members, one from the County Commissioners, one from the County Council, one from the Vincennes City Council, and Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum or an appointment made by him. The biggest change to this version of the agreement would see the fifth member of the Board be a representative of InVin, who spearheaded the project initially.

With the Council’s approval, the issue is now handed over to the county. The County Commissioners and County Council are expected to vote on the agreement in the near future.

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