Grouseland Asking City for Helping with Grant

Posted on February 13th, 2018

The Grouseland Foundation is seeking to make major renovations to the historical home of William Henry Harrison.

Speaking at last night’s City Council Meeting, Lisa Ice-Jones with the Foundation, revealed to council members that, in seeking to renovate the property, they had been awarded a challenge grant from the Jeffers Foundation.

According to Ice-Jones, that challenge grant would be used restore much of the flooring on the main floor of Grouseland, putting in new insulated windows, rehabbing the basement foundation, changing the gateways inside each room, and adding new lighting and draperies, all while preserving the historical significance of the building. All of the updates would keep Grouseland period-accurate, although the most modern update would come in possibly creating a virtual tour folks could take online.

Ice-Jones explained why an update at Grouseland is long overdue

As part of the challenge grant, the Foundation mus raise two dollars for every dollar they receive in the grant. The $400,000 from the Jeffers Foundation means the Foundation would be on the hook for $800,000, for a total of $1.2 million in upgrades. Ice-Jones explained they do already have $200,000 raised, and asked the city to contribute another $100,000. The Council will vote on that decision at their next meeting. Mayor Joe Yochum indicated the money would likely come from funds set aside for last year’s Stellar Application.

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