City, County Gov’t Continue Pantheon Discussion

Posted on March 13th, 2018

The fifth member of a board to oversee the Pantheon Theatre continues to be the main point of difference for local government entities.

The Vincennes City Council didn’t spend much time discussing the issue at their meeting Monday night. The latest update to an ever-changing interlocal agreement proposed that the fifth member of the board to oversee the management of the Pantheon Business Theatre Project be an InVin representative until the year 2023, after which time, that member would be replaced by a person of the board’s choosing. That change was most recently suggested by the County Council. The City Council, however, stood with their previous decision that the InVin representative remain on the board indefinitely.

Both Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum and Council President Scott Brown voiced their support for the agreement, stating that moving forward with the Pantheon Project is a big plus for both the city and county. Mayor Joe Yochum did indicate that, despite the agreement not being official yet, he has already began looking at how the city can fund its portion of the project.

The revised agreement now goes back to the County Council and Commissioners, who will either agree to or once again alter the terms. The County Council is expected to discuss the matter at their meeting this evening.

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