Group Looking to Alter Landscaping Ordinance

Posted on March 13th, 2018

There could be some changes on the way for Vincennes’ city landscape ordinance.

Will Drews, a National Resource Specialist with the Knox County Soil and Conservation District, presented the first version of a proposed update to the landscape ordinance, which he says is more comprehensive and concise than its predecessor.

The Landscape Ordinance dictates what new developers in the city can or can’t do with their property, including how many trees or bushes must be planted on the property and what kinds of greenery can or cannot be used, based on plans for the project. Developers would have to submit a plan to the city before any physical part of the project could begin.

Right now, the new ordinance is in its early stages, and members of the council will take time to review it before it can move forward. They anticipate speaking with Drews, and the local working group he is apart of, to move the ordinance forward in the future.

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