City, County Officially Enter Into Pantheon Agreement

Posted on April 4th, 2018

A working agreement is now in place between Knox County and the City of Vincennes for joint operation of the Pantheon Business Theatre on Main Street.

The Knox County Commissioners Tuesday approved a resolution creating a five member board that would be responsible for the building’s maintenance and use. The membership of the board would consist of two elected officials from the county and two from the city with a 5th member appointed by INVIN.

Commission Member Tim Ellerman voted against the proposal. Ellerman questioned the benefit of project to the county as whole, stating that people who live in Decker, Bicknell or Monroe City wouldn’t be served by the project.

Commission President Kellie Streeter, who is a backer of the business incubator, says the goal of the project is to facilitate and create new businesses which in turn will lead to higher paying jobs that will benefit everyone.

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