County Properties to Soon Have New Owners

Posted on May 16th, 2018

A number of county owned properties are a step closer to being in the hands of local entities and individuals.

At their meeting Tuesday night, the Knox County Commissioners approved the second and third readings of a pair of resolutions that will transfer properties that have twice been through a tax sale, but went unpurchased. Those properties will now be on their way to the Bicknell Bulldog Development Corporation, the cities of Vincennes and Bicknell, towns of Edwardsport, Decker and a number of individuals in the county.

A few questions about some of the properties were raised during a public hearing before the Commissioners’ meeting, but nothing that stood in the way of the property transfers. A number of the properties that will be turned over to cities or towns will be rolled into the Blight Elimination Program, although some will be turned over to interested citizens.

County Attorney Yvette Kirchoff noted that the Knox County Auditors Office will begin sending out notices to the potential property owners in the near future. All of the properties will begin to be taxed, creating revenue for the county.

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