Vincennes Misses List of CCMG Recipients

Posted on November 7th, 2018

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Transportation has released the list of recipients as part of the 2018 Community Crossings Initiative — and the City of Vincennes didn’t make the cut.

283 cities, towns and counties were awarded a total of $100 million dollars in matching funds for local road projects.

Locally, Knox County received a just north of $160,700. The Highway department will once gain use projects already underway on their grant application, although this is the last year INDOT will allow applicants to do so.

The city of Bicknell was awarded just over $319,000 as part of the initiative. Their money will be used to improve North main Street from 6th Street to Highway 67 along with replacing some sidewalks and drainage boxes.

That funding will come with the requirement of a match, based on the city or county’s population size.

The City of Vincennes had requested a total of $1 Million this year, an amount awarded to a few others throughout the state. They had hoped to use those funds towards the ongoing first phase of the Main Street project.

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