Northern Knox Co. Roads to See Speed Reduction

Posted on November 8th, 2018

A pair of local roads in northern Knox County are set to see a reduction in speed.

Knox County Highway Superintendent Benji Boyd told the County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday, he had just completed a pair of studies on Brocksmith Road and Alexander Street Road, both north of Bicknell.

It was Boyd’s suggestion that those roads both be reduced to a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour, as a safety precaution.

Commission President Kellie Streeter says she has received a number of calls regarding Alexander Street Road in particular, and the Commissioners were unanimous in their support of the change.

In other news, the Knox County Highway Department will soon begin advertising for material bids in the new year.

Boyd says they had hoped they wouldn’t have to go through the bidding process on an annual basis, but after consulting with a number of other counties throughout the state, he believes giving different local vendors the chance to offer their services on a yearly basis is best for Knox County.

Boyd says bids for materials, such as gravel rock or drainage culverts, will be advertised starting next week. He hopes to open those bids on December 4th.

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