Vincennes Applying for House Help Grant

Posted on November 28th, 2018

The City of Vincennes is applying for a $350,000 grant through the Indiana Housing Authority to assist property owners make repairs to their homes.

The grant which is expected to be submitted to state officials by December 17th is intended to help the elderly, veterans and singles families with children under age of six, who meet low to moderate income level guidelines.

The Southern Indiana Development Commission is submitting the grant on behalf of the city.

On Monday, the Vincennes Board of Works signed a supplemental contract with the SIDC for environmental inspection of the 14 targeted homes. The inspection would check for environmental hazards such as lead paint that would have to be addressed before repairs could start.

The grant would allow for up $20,000 in repairs and include new energy efficient roofs, windows, doors and insulation.

An announcement on grant awards isn’t expected until sometime in early 2019.

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