UPDATE: Pair Arrested in Armed Robbery Case

Posted on December 6th, 2018

Vincennes Police have arrested two individuals in connection to a reported armed robbery earlier in the week.

According to Police Chief Dusty Luking, 38-year-old Ricky L. Brochin II and Tera L. Robinson were taken into custody in the parking lot of the Vincennes Plaza Thursday evening.

Brochin is accused of using a firearm to gain control of a victim’s vehicle in the 200 block of Broadway Tuesday afternoon, before fleeing the scene. He was believed to be accompanied by Robinson sometime after.

Brochin now faces a level 2 Felony charge of Armed Robbery, while Robinson faces a level 2 felony charge of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery.

The Vincennes Police Department was assisted by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Marshal Service in making the arrests.

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